What do we want?

We support aid projects in Butare / Rwanda, which give people there the opportunity to shape their own lives and future,

It was not just since the genocide in 1994 - which killed almost a million people - that the Rwandan state has not been able to make possible a visit secondary school for all schoolchildren. Therefore 80% of young people an access to a qualified school education is denieded. Vocational training as a craftsman often is impossible because craft schools are missing.


Our commitment extends to the diocese of the Anglican Church in Butare / Rwanda in the south of the country. The Saar-Ost church district has had a partnership with this diocese since 1985. In this context, many projects have been carried out or were initiated within the framework of this partnership, which should give the young generation a perspective on a self-determined future. Our motto is: help for self-help.
A craft school was opened near Butare in 2014 so that the young people receive qualified vocational training after finishing school. They should be able to make a living.
Another project is a kindergarten with crèche, which also was set up and opened in 2014. It offers preschool children a protected setting and preschool education.

Other projects include:


  • Buying goats for needy widows
  • The approximately 1,200 students of the three secondary schools are provided with learning material and sports equipment during visits.
  • The graduates of the craft school are supported to buy equipment and work materials at the start of their careers.



The association finances the fulfillment of the association's purpose from membership fees and other donations.
The minimum membership fee is € 3.00 per month. We are very grateful for higher contributions to which you voluntarily commit.
The use of the funds is proven and the implementation of the projects is monitored during regular visits to Rwanda.

Tax recognition

The tax office has recognized our association as a non-profit organization. Therefore, we can issue tax-deductible receipts regarding your donation.
All people working in the association work on a voluntary basis, so that the incoming funds are used without deductions to achieve the association's purpose.